About Me

Naomi Ingleton grew up on a potato farm in Gippsland and from a young age she knew she always had spirit with her, although at the time she didn’t realise it she just thought she had friends no one else could see. Throughout her life spirit has been with her and you can read a little about it here.

Naomi was the principal founder of Myrtleford Butter factory in 2007 and grew the business until exiting in 2018 to take on a roll mentoring other businesses and expanding her business interests with SevaVeda & FarmacyCo

Naomi was awarded a prestigious Churchill fellowship in 2012 to study applications of cultures in naturally cultured dairy products specialising in cultured butter production. Referred to as a ‘Pioneer’ of Australian Artisan Butter making, 

Naomi is also a program manager with Rocket Seeder Ltd a Food and Ag accelerator program and an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner while studying Western Herbal Medicine.

As a studying Psychic Medium she utilises this intuition based mentoring to help you not only with your business goals but your life goals, creating a wholistic approach to doing your business for you. 

Naomi has studied Mediumship with Paul Jacobs , Christine Morgan, Sarah Jeffery and regularly attends Spiritual Church to develop her mediumship under the Spiritualist Religious movement as well as sitting in circle with other mediums.

You can visit Naomi in her Clinic in the beautiful town of Beechworth in Victoria’s High Country

About Spiritualism – Spiritualism is a religious movement based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. The afterlife, or the “spirit world”, is seen by spiritualists, not as a static place, but as one in which spirits continue to evolve. These two beliefs—that contact with spirits is possible, and that spirits are more advanced than humans—lead spiritualists to a third belief: that spirits are capable of providing useful knowledge about moral and ethical issues, as well as about the nature of God. Some spiritualists will speak of a concept which they refer to as “spirit guides”—specific spirits, often contacted, who are relied upon for spiritual guidance.



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